The Omniscient Man

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If there exists any particular word to describe Man which separates him from the rest of beings on Earth, it is his curiosity. In the process of accumulating knowledge, Man incessantly attends meetings, discussions, lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops despite being labelled as a “seminar junkie”. He climbs up and down the marbled staircases of large institutions high esteem. He frequents the haunts of scholars who he assumes to have mastered that crucial secret which seems to always slip away from his grasp and mocks at his inability to realize potential Happiness. Man, that each one of us is, is ever curious. We are ever curious regarding what our fellow man has that makes him alone so happy and satisfied that he requires no more from Life while we remain begging for some action and movement to push us to higher domains of happiness. All this unceasing attempt of Man to find some crucial piece of the puzzle that makes his life far more understandable is a mystery in itself.

In the process of accumulating knowledge, Man becomes recognized as a “scholar”, a Master in his own domain of chosen knowledge. His ego having been bolstered with all the external applause, he is carried away in the pursuit of establishing his own scholarship. There is a constant need for the “scholar” to please his audience and establish his own scholarship at every opportunity, in effect hijacking his intellectual mind. Perhaps it is his intellect which hijacks him from the path to Happiness. But what is the cause of this distraction? Is it perhaps an attempt to understand or rather realize the potential of Omniscience that exists only in that Super-entity that he calls God? If it is so, then we may come to a point where it is possible that God was actually created or conceived as an abstract entity by Man as claimed by the Materialist and the Atheist. Did Man create God in his own superior or evolved image? Or was Man created by God in his own lower or evolving image?

To this, Sri Aurobindo answers beautifully in The Life Divine –

“(Man’s) dream of God and Heaven is really a dream of his own perfection; but he finds the same difficulty in accepting its practical realization here for his ultimate aim as would the ancestral Ape if called upon to believe in himself as the future Man. His imagination, his religious aspirations may hold that end before him; but when his reason asserts itself, rejecting imagination and transcendent intuition, he puts it by as a brilliant superstition contrary to the hard facts of the material universe. It becomes then only his inspiring vision of the impossible. All that is possible is a conditioned, limited and precarious knowledge, happiness, power and good.”


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